What I Want to Learn in Kindergarten: Annie’s Homeschool Edition

What I Want to Learn in #Kindergarten: Annie’s #Homeschool Edition

WhatIWanttoLearninK1We have recently started our brand new homeschool year! Yay! (And- holy moly! Eek! Am I ready for this?!) Annie is in Kindergarten this year, and I wanted her to feel totally invested in her education. She may only be five, but she has an awful lot of personality for one little girl, and I want to harness that power for good. While I have my own goals and expectations for this year, I also asked…

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5 Reasons to LOVE: Quinny Zapp Xtra

5 Reasons to LOVE: Quinny Zapp Xtra


  1. Fold: Unmatched in the stroller industry, this compact fold is simply amazing.  In the photo above, the complete stroller is folded- including the seat! Quinny also makes a travel bag to help at gate check – I highly recommend it!
  2. Travel System:  The Zapp Xtra is compatible with Maxi-Cosi Prezi and Mico car seats.  An attachment can be purchased to fit many other infant car seat brands.  This…

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5 Reasons to LOVE: Baby Jogger City Select


  1. Versatility. The City Select has the amazing ability to go from a single stroller to a double with ease with 16 different configurations.
  2. Accessories: Baby Jogger has a plethora of available accessories to suit every family.  HyChair, Glider Board, Carry Bag, Bassinet Kit, Weather Coverings, and multiple Car Seat adaptors are a few of the available add-ons!
  3. Fold: Simple, compact, and secure,…

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