Discovering Our Daily Rhythm

Discovering Our Daily Rhythm

KristaNKB1When I started my homeschooling journey, I worried the entire time. I felt like I needed to replicate the school environment, and also the school’s schedule, at home. I followed a very scripted (albeit lovely) curriculum, that was much better suited for a small nursery school meeting twice a week than for my one child. It gave me comfort to follow the rules outlined, because I was lacking…

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Lullabies by Laurie Berkner

Lullabies by Laurie Berkner @LaurieBerkner #Lullabies

The highly anticipated LULLABIES by Laurie Berkner is HERE!!!  This album is everything you would expect from Laurie, great songs that the entire family will sing and cherish.  New songs, classics, and a few remade Laurie favorites make this album a MUST-HAVE.

Not familiar with Laurie’s music? She and her band create fun, energetic, groovin music everyone will enjoy.  Some of our favorites…

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Welcome Krista!

I am very excited to welcome our first contributor, Krista DiBlanca!  Krista is a mother of 2 beautiful children, Annie and Jack, who keep her on her toes!

Krista will be sharing her journey through homeschooling.  All the ups and downs, successes and failures.  She will be outlining the method to her madness and describing some of her lesson plans.  Her candid account of homeschooling life is an…

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Finding Our Happy, Golden Homeschool

Finding Our Happy, Golden Homeschool

I think I first had the idea to homeschool when my daughter, Annie, was a small infant. Holding her close, I realized I really wanted to spend my days with her, helping her become the best version of herself. It was a crazy, slightly blasphemous, thought- and yet, it never went away. I secretly read homeschool blogs at night, wishing I could be *that* patient, *that* knowledgeable, *that*…

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